Antoni Stanisław Czetwertyński-Światopełk

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Antoni Stanisław Czetwertyński-Światopełk
Full Name: Antoni Stanisław Czetwertyński-Światopełk
Origin: Poland
Occupation: Nobleman (szlachcic) and politician in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
Crimes: He was hanged together with other people declared traitors, like bishop Ignacy Jakub Massalski
Type of Villain: Corrupt official

Antoni Stanisław Światopełk-Czetwertyński (born in 1748, died on June 28, 1794) - Przemyśl castellan prince from 1790, in 1773 a deputy of the Braclaw deputy to the Partition Sejm 1773-1775, as a member of the delegation established to form and ratify treaties with partitioning powers after the First Partition Poland was a representative of the opposition . heir of the Russian embassy, ​​opponent of the Constitution of May 3, marshal of the Targowica confederation since March 1793, consulter of her Crown General Confederation , decorated with the Order of the White Eagle . In 1773 he collected 150 red zlotys from the joint coffers of three partitioning mansions .

A member of the confederation of Adam Poniński in 1773 . A member of the confederation of Andrzej Mokronowski in 1776 and a member of parliament in 1776 from the Bracławskie voivodship [6].

He was a member of the confederation of the Four-Year Sejm [7]. He was listed on the list of deputies and senators of the Russian MP Yakov Bulgakov in 1792, which contained a list of people whom the Russians can count on when re-confederating and overthrowing the work on May 3 . He was the captain of the Targowica formation of the National Cavalry Brigade of the Hussar Characters under the name of the Bracławskie Voivodeship . In 1792 he was delegated by the Targowica confederation to sit on the Treasury Committee of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In 1785 he became a bachelor of the Order of Saint Stanislaus .

On June 28, 1794, during the Kościuszko Uprising, he was dragged out of prison and hanged as a traitor together with other people declared traitors, like bishop Ignacy Jakub the Warsaw crowd. His family was smuggled to St. Petersburg, where his daughter Marie became a mistress of Alexander I of Russia.