Antipodean Resistance

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Antipodean Resistance
Fullname: Antipodean Resistance
Alias: AR
Origin: Australia
Foundation: February 2016
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Commanders: Unknown
Goals: Expel all non-white Australians from the country

Legalize murder of Jews

The Antipodean Resistance is an Australian fascist neo-Nazi Party/White Power Movement hate group originally formed on the Iron March website in February of 2016.

Antipodean Resistance promotes and incites hatred and violence, as seen through some of its anti-semetic and homophobic posters, with graphic images of shooting Jews and homosexuals in the head. One poster called to "Legalise the execution of Jews." in November 2018, members were banned from joining the National Party of Australia – NSW, and as of December 2018, its website was shut down by its hosting provider.

They are responsible for vandalizing schools with racist posters containing slurs, comparing homosexual marriage to pedophilia, posting banners on bridges calling for a "white revolution" and threatening to get Chinese university students deported. They are also Islamophhobic, putting up posters deriding Muslims and supporting burning the Qu'ran.

Membership is allowed only for heterosexual white people who keep their identities hidden through pseudonyms. The group organizes meetings in secretive camps within isolated forests and have their own female branch, the Antipodean Resistance Women's Alliance.

Despite the AR's small size, after many of their posters were sighted all over Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, security officials have analyzed the organization and voiced concerns that they are willing to engage in violent terrorism should they desire to.

They are considered to be aligned with the Alt-Right.