Anthony Powell

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Anthony Powell
Full Name: Anthony Powell
Alias: Tony48219
Occupation: College Student
Skills: Making videos
Hobby: Making videos
Goals: To kill Asia Mcgowan


Crimes: Murder


Type of Villain: Racist murderer

Anthony Powell (between July 23-August 22, 1980 - April 10 2009) was a 28 year old murderer who killed small YouTuber Asia Mcgowan in April 10th, 2009 before committing suicide in a college classroom in Detroit with a loaded shotgun. Before the killing Anthony was posting rant/hate videos about black women and how they don't deserve respect which were met with many dislikes and angry comments. Anthony's parents also stated that their son had a history of mental illness which could have played a role in Asia's assassination. His channel that he uploaded the hate videos on, Tony48219 was terminated by a unknown user shortly after the killing. A few weeks before Asia's assassination Anthony added her on Facebook and would message her multiple times which alerted some of Asia's friends. A few days before the attack Asia posted a video addressing her YouTube haters while Anthony posted another hate video on black women. On the day of the attack Anthony brought the loaded pump action shotgun into Asia's classroom and shot her in front of all of her students before shooting himself in the head.