Ante Starčević

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Ante Starčević
Full Name: Ante Starčević
Alias: None.
Origin: Zitnik
Occupation: Politician


Skills: Ideology
Hobby: None.
Goals: Create Genocide on Serbs (Succeed)
Crimes: Mass Genocide
Type of Villain: Genocide Starter

Ante Starčević (May 23rd, 1823 - February 28th, 1896) was a Croatian politician and writer which first started the Ustasha ideology of making the genocide on the Serbian nation and turning them into Croats, because Croats needed more popularity, and the Serbs were the most similar to them.


Ante was born on May 23rd, 1823. to Serbian parents. Though in the years of his life, he never felt like a Serbian, instead he moved into becoming a Croat. Ante had for unknown of reasons huge hate towards the Serbs. In the end, Ante had it enough, and started suggesting the Croats to start a genocide towards the Serbs. The Croat general Ante Pavelic liked Starcevic's style towards the Serbs and made his idea a reality.