Antanas Venclova

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Antanas Venclova
Full Name: Antanas Venclova
Alias: No information
Origin: Trempiniai The Russian Empire
Occupation: Lithuanian poet, prose writer,literary critic,translator.Soviet public figure and politician.
Skills: No information
Hobby: No information
Goals: No infromation
Crimes: Treason
Type of Villain: Traitor

Antanas Venclova- poet,prose writer, literary critic,translator. Born on 01.07.1907 in Trempiniai ( Marijampole district), died on 28.06.1971 in Vilnius. 1932 Graduated from VMU Faculty of Humanities.1933-94 and 1939-40. Taught in Kaunas,1934-3.9 In Klaipeda. Edited magazine Third Front, collaborated in Cultur,Literature,Prosvaiste.1940 He was member of People's Seimas and participated in the session of the USSR Supreme Council in Moscow when Lithuanian was incorporated into the Soviet Union.1940-63 commissioner of education, 1950 wrote the Soviet national anthem of Lithuania.1952-64. Member of the Central Committee of the LCP, a long-time deputy of the Supreme Soviets of Lithuania and the USSR.1954-59 Chairman of LRS.