Antanas Varnelis

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Antanas Varnelis
Full Name: Antanas Varnelis
Alias: No information
Origin: Dadotkai Telsiai district Lithuanian SSR
Occupation: Serial killer Thief
Skills: No information
Hobby: No information
Goals: No information
Crimes: Serial killing Theft
Type of Villain: Criminal

Antanas Varnelis (1971 in Dadotkai, Telsiai district-28 September 1994)-Lithuanian serial killer,1992 killing 6 people between July and December and 3 other trying to kill. For these crimes he was sentenced to death.


Born in a large family with three brothers and three sisters. After depriving his parents of parental rights, in his infancy A. Varnelis went to the Jurbarkas Orphanage, where he grew up. She attended school in Gelgaudiskis, Sakiai district.

At the age of 16, he was investigated twice at the Ziegzdriai Psychiatric Hospital (Kaunas District) for a propensity to steal. He was diagnosed with congenital dementia and mild mental retardation with personality psychopathy. Nevertheless, he was found guilty.

Until 1992 was twice convicted of theft, jailed. 1992 January 14 for good behavior, released early. During July - December of the same year, six elderly people living in homesteads were killed and robbed while traveling on foot in Sakiai, Jurbarkas, Kelmė, Siauliai and Raseiniai districts. In December he was detained in Muniskiai village, Kaunas district. The locals, who knew A. Varnelis from tattoos, detained him.

The court ordered Mr. Varnelis to undergo a repeated psychiatric examination. The experts of Utena Psychiatric Hospital also found A. Varnelis accused.

He was sentenced to death by shooting. The judgment was executed in 1994. September 28 He became the fifth of the seven persons executed in Lithuania after the restoration of independence.