Antanas Impulevicius-Impulenas

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Antanas Impulevicius-Impulenas
Full Name: Antanas Impulevicius-Impulenas
Alias: Impulenas
Origin: Lithuania
Occupation: Officer of the Lithuanian Army, Mayor
Skills: No information
Hobby: No information
Goals: No information
Crimes: Mass executions of the Jews
Type of Villain: Corrupt official

Impulẽvicius Antanas, Impulenas 28 01 1907Panevėžys 4 12 1970 1970 Philadelphia, Lithuanian officer. Major General Staff (1937). In 1925 he graduated from the Military School. In 1925-33 and 1934-37 he served in the 7th, 5th and 3th Infantry Regiments, was a company commander and served as Commandant of the Presidential Palace. He served on the Second Division Headquarters from 11 to 1934 10. June 6, 1937 graduated from Vytautas Magnus officer training course, served in the Army Staff Unit 2 (Information). July 7, 1939 - June 6, 1940 Lithuanian Riflemen's Union

Chief of Staff's Military Training Division. After the USSR occupation of Lithuania on 9 September 1940, NKVD was arrested and sentenced to prison. During the June 1941 uprising freed. During the German occupation from August 8, 1941 to April 1942, he served as a volunteer in the auxiliary police and was the commander of the 2nd Battalion (later known as the 2nd Guard, the Twelfth) used by the occupiers to kill Jews and other nationalities in Belarus and elsewhere. April 4, 1944 Local teams Chief of Staff of Kaunas Regiment; German briefly arrested. Later there were the Homeland Guard teams commander of the 2nd Regiment being formed. After 10 October 1944 he retired to Germany. 1949 moved to the United States. 1962 10 Sentenced to death by the colleges of the Supreme Court of the LSSR. Following the trial, the USA rejected the USSR's request to extradite Impulevich. Order of Gediminas Grade 4 (1929).