Ans van Dijk

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Ans van Dijk was a Dutch Jew who collaborated with the Nazis. It is believed that she was the one who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Gestapo.

As a Jewish lesbian, van Dijk was arrested by the Sicherheitsdienst in 1943. She agreed to help the SD hunt down other people considered untermenschen by the Nazis in return for being released. She would contact Jews pretending to be a member of the Dutch resistance and offer them false papers certifying Aryan descent in order to lure them into traps. She trapped at least 145 Jews this way, including her own family. Around 85 of her victims were later killed in The Holocaust. However, it is believed that she may have been responsible for as many as 700 deaths. It has also been suggested that she told the Gestapo where Anne Frank and her family were hiding, leading to most of the family being killed in Bergen-Belsen.

After the Nazis were defeated van Dijk was arrested on 23 counts of treason. She confessed to all counts, claiming she had acted in self-preservation, and was sentenced to death by firing squad. An appeal against the conviction was rejected and she was executed on 14 July 1948.