Anouar Haddouchi

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Anouar Haddouchi
Full Name: Anouar Haddouchi
Alias: Executioner of Raqqa
Origin: Belgium
Occupation: Terrorist
Crimes: Mass murder
Type of Villain: Islamic terrorist

Anouar Haddouchi, dubbed the Executioner of Raqqa by the media, is a Belgian national who claimed British housing benefits for years after moving to Birmingham in 2009. However, what the benefits agency had not been told was that he was not in the country, as he had left for Syria to fight for The Islamic State. The benefits paid into his account were later used by Mohamed Abrini to help finance the 2016 Brussels bombings. While in Syria, he beheaded 100 Iraqi prisoners in the city of Raqqa, earning him his nickname.

In August 2019, Haddouchi was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces and is currently held in an unspecified Syrian prison. It is unclear if he will be handed over to authorities in Iraq, but could face execution if this is the case.