Cruelty to animals

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Domitian, one of the 17 macaque monkeys experimented on during the animal experiment in the Institute for Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Animal Cruelty, also called animal abuse, animal neglect or Cruelty to animals, is the infliction by omission (animal neglect) or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human. More narrowly, it can be the causing of harm or suffering for specific achievement, such as killing animals for food, their fur or even their tusks; opinions differ about the extent of cruelty associated with a given method of slaughter. Cruelty to animals sometimes encompasses inflicting harm or suffering as an end in itself, defined as zoo-sadism. With billions animals killed for food, farm animals are the most numerous animals subjected to cruelty.

Notable Animal Abusers/Supporters/Groups