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I have lived my life with integrity broke and made a few terrible, stupid mistakes that I regret very much. But murder is not on that list.
~ Angelina Rodriguez proclaiming her innocence
I don't have remorse for a murder I didn't do.
~ Angelina's statement during her sentencing

Angelina Rodriguez (born June 1, 1968 in Queens) is a villainess who murdered her husband in 2000.

Angelina Rodriguez's early life revealed that she was thrice divorced entering 2000, with her second marriage to Tom Fuller resulting in the birth of their daughters Autumn and Alicia. Angelina turned heel in 1993, when she murdered 13-month-old Alicia by removing the nipple from her pacifier and suffocating her to death, doing so for financial gain. Following Alicia's death, the villainess sued the manufacturer and received a $700,000 settlement, as well as an additional $50,000 from Alicia's life insurance policy due to the death being accidental.

Angelina met special education teacher Jose Francisco "Frank" Rodriguez while they were working together in a camp at San Luis Obispo, California. The couple became husband and wife in April 2000, but just months into the marriage, Angelina turned heel again and plotted to kill Frank after filing a $250,000 life insurance policy out on him. Her attempts included poisoning Frank's tea with oleander leaves (which resulted in an upset stomach) and loosening the gas cap on a clothes dryer, but her plan was successful when she poisoned Frank's Gatorade with antifreeze, resulting in Frank's death in September 2000. According to reports, Angelina phoned her insurance company just hours after her husband's death, and was informed that a payout wouldn't occur until cause of death was determined.

Angelina was arrested in February 2001, and during her trial, she maintained her innocence and made two different claims regarding Frank's death. In one, the villainess stated that a vengeful co-worker killed him, and her second claim had her portraying Frank as suicidal, stating that he willingly drank the antifreeze on his own. The trial also revealed that Angelina vented to a friend about her marriage and spoke about wanting to kill her husband for the insurance money, and in addition, the evil Angelina plotted to have that same witness killed, as that person was set to testify against her. The 1993 death of Alicia Fuller was mentioned as well, with the revelation that Angelina killed her for monetary gain. Angelina wasn't charged despite the evidence, which was shown to further establish Angelina as a greedy and murderous villainess.

In October 2003, Angelina was convicted in Frank's murder and attempting to dissuade a witness, but was not convicted in the attempt to have the witness killed. On January 12, 2004, Angelina was sentenced to death via lethal injection, and during her sentencing, she responded to the comments regarding her lack of remorse by stating that she had no remorse for a murder she didn't commit. Angelina remains on death row.