Angelica Vazquez

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Angelica Vazquez (May 13, 1969 - March 8, 2013) was the villainess behind the mass murder-suicide of her family in Mesquite, Texas.

Angelica was married to Marcelo Vazquez for at least two decades, with the marriage resulting in two children: daughter Paulina and son Alejandro. She worked as a cafeteria worker at an elementary school from 2005 until May of 2012, and it was uncovered that Angelica had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments in a battle against cancer.

On March 8, 2013, Angelica turned heel by suddenly shooting her husband and both children to death inside their home. Paulina was 21 and Alejandro was 19 at the time of their killings, and the order of the victims' murders wasn't revealed. After killing her family, the evil Angelica shot herself to death to complete her villainous murder-suicide plot. No suicide note was left at the scene, and it was never revealed what motivated Angelica to become a murderous villainess.