Aneska Lenardon

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Aneska Lenardon is a young girl (now teenager) from Manitoba, Canada who is known for her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil and her brutally psychologically violent tendencies. She has been described by her mother Melanie as "cute and innocent" on the outside, but really "explosive, violent, and aggressive" on the inside. It has been stated that the reason she does what she does is not only, in her own words, because of the "voices" she hears in her head, but also because of a tricycle accident that happened when she was three and when she fell off, as her parents claimed that it caused a change in her personality.

Her villainous acts of heinousness

  • Beat her family's pet hamster to death.
  • Killed a nest full of birds.
  • Threatened her parents and siblings numerous times.
  • In fact, one particular instance in which she threatened the latter is when she chased her siblings around with a knife, also allegedly stabbing them.

Post-Dr. Phil appearance

It has been reported that her family sought out help from mental health professionals to help with Aneska's problems. Aneska seems to (hopefully) be doing quite fine now, and she has an Instagram account which can be seen here, in which she states in her info, "Yes I was on tv, no I don't want help. This is my real account."