Aneesa Arrison

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Aneesa Arrison (c. 1973 - January 14, 2017) was a South African villainess who shot her three sons (one of them fatally) as part of a murder-suicide in 2017.

Aneesa was married to Ameen Arrison, a schoolteacher, until his passing sometime in 2015, and was the mother of sons Waseem, Yaqoob, and Yusuf (the latter two being twins). It was stated that Aneesa suffered from depression following her husband's death, and she was also having financial problems. Some time before her death, Anees invested her money into 4th Power Investment, though it was later revealed to be a Ponzi scheme and was under investigation by the Hawks.

On January 14, 2017, Aneesa turned heel by shooting her three sons, killing Waseem (21) with a shot in his head, while her 14-year-old twins were both wounded. Yaqoob was shot in his hand, and Yusuf was also shot in the head, though both survived and played dead during their mother's rampage. Afterwards, the evil Aneesa committed suicide with single shot to her head, and it was her cousin who revealed Anissa's investment and money problems, which served as a likely motive for her actions.