Andreas Bauriedl

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Andreas Bauriedl (May 4 1879 - November 9 1923) was one of the early members of the Nazi Party.


Andreas Bauriedl worked as a hatter in Germany. He served in World War I in a field regiment.

In the early 1920s Bauriedl joined the far-right Nazi Party as a member of its military wing, the Sturmabteilung. He would intimidate and beat up liberals and communists in order to force them to vote for the Nazis in elections. This tactic was very rarely successful.

On November 8 1923 Bauriedl and others participated in the Beer Hall Putsch that was aimed at taking over Germany. Bauriedl and 602 other Sturmabteilung surrounded a beer hall where members of the Weimar government were giving speeches. Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and others went inside and took the occupants of the building hostage before proclaiming the overthrow of the Weimar government. Around 22:30, the hostages were released.

Bauriedl marched the next day with other conspirators to take over the Bavarian Defence Ministry. On the way there, they encountered 130 soldiers who had been mobilised to put a stop to the rebellion. During an exchange of fire, flag-bearer Heinrich Trambauer was wounded and dropped the flag. Bauriedl was shot in the abdomen and killed slightly later, collapsing on the flag.