Andely Chan

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Andely Chan
Full Name: Andely Chan Yiu-hing
Alias: The Tiger of Wan Chai
Origin: Hong Kong
Occupation: Triad sub-boss
Hobby: Racing
Crimes: Assault and battery
Type of Villain: Triad Member

Andely Chan Yiu-hing (陳耀興; 1961 - November 21st, 1993) was a sub-boss of the triad Sun Yee On. He was ambushed and killed in Macau in November 21st, 1993.


Chan was involved in multiple criminal intimidation cases related to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong in the 1990s.

On May 4th, 1992, when Hong Kong singer Anita Mui got involved in a dispute with Wong Long-wai, a sub-boss of Chan's rival triad and CEO of a movie company, Chan ordered over 200 people to harass Wong. Wong was seriously injured and sent to the hospital. 3 days later, Chan disguised himself as a visitor and killed Wong in the hospital.

Chan was arrested on July 8th, 1992. On the night he was arrested, over 300 triad members surrounded the police station, demanding Chan to be released.


During Chan's binding over period, he travelled to Macau to watch the Grand Prix in 1993. On November 21st, Chan was ambushed and shot dead outside the hotel he lived in.

File:Andely Chan death.jpeg
Chan found dead in his car.

Chan's brother Chan Yiu-hong and rival triad 14K's boss Wan Kuok-koi were suspected as the murderer but were both released in 1997 due to the lack of evidence.