Ana Julia Quezada Cruz

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File:Ana Julia i the court (september 2019).jpg
Ana Julia in te court (september 2019)

Ana Julia Quezada Cruz
Full Name: Ana Julia Quezada Cruz
Type of Villain: Hypocrite

Ana Julia Quezada Cruz (born 25 march 1974) is a Spanish murderer and a person with the ability to emotionally manipulate the people around her. The agents involved in the case consider her a jealous woman, without empathy, possessive, cold, calculating and motivated by economic interest.

He spent the money of the first husband Ana Julia's first husband was Michelangelo, who was fortunate enough to play the lottery in 2004. The relationship between the two ended at the time the money ran out. Michelangelo became denounced and convicted of gender violence.

From this relationship they had Judith, who during the trial has come to affirm that her mother "never got to behave as such." Currently they have no relationship.

He encouraged his second partner to alcohol Ana Julia also had a partner in Burgos 16 years older than her. He had problems with alcohol and died of cancer. The man's daughter said she encouraged him to drink and when he died he stole some belongings and said the Dominican wanted to keep the money.

He tried to endorse Gabriel's death to another ex Ana Julia put the shirt of Gabriel, who later found the police, in the bush. But he did not choose a random site but instead placed it near Sergio's house, another of his ex-partners. Her goal was to frame him in the crime and she mentioned it so that the investigation was directed towards him, ensuring that he "hated children."

Gabriel's father, the last victim Ángel Cruz, Gabriel's father, was the last victim of Ana Julia Quezada. They met on New Year's Eve 2016 and in September 2017 they went to live together. Only five months later she would kill Gabriel, on February 27, Níjar. Ana Julia hit him on the floor and then suffocated him. The boy did not have time to defend himself according to the autopsy.

Confessions picked up by car microphones The police, when he suspected Ana Julia, decided to install a microphone in his car. The day she was driving with Gabriel's body in the trunk, the microphone picked up phrases that she pronounced for herself out loud: "they didn't want 'little fish', because they're going to have it for my balls", "Quiet, Ana, no you're going to jail. "