Amon Paul Carlock

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Amon Paul Carlock
Full Name: Amon Paul Carlock Jr.
Alias: Klutzo the Clown
Origin: Springfield, USA
Occupation: Children's entertainer
Hobby: Watching child pornography
Goals: Hide his crimes from the authorities (failed)
Crimes: Possession of child pornography
Child molestation
Type of Villain: Pervert

Amon Paul Carlock was a children's entertainer, nicknamed Klutzo the Clown. He was born Nov. 29, 1949, in Springfield, the son of Amon Paul and Dolores I. Cearlock Carlock Sr. He married Mary Andreatta on Aug. 27, 1988. Mr. Carlock was preceded by his parents, Amon Paul Carlock Sr. and Dolores I. Gwin; and his grandmother, Frances McCarty.

In 2007, Carlock was caught with Child Pornography on his phone, and was later revealed to have even more on his laptop and in his house. He was charged with possession of child pornography and crossing state lines to molest children, but died in suspicious circumstances (it's believed as a result of abuse from his guards) while awaiting trial.