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The Greensburg Six (bunch of assholes)

The Greensburg Six is the name given to the six individuals who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered 30-year old Jennifer Daugherty, a mentally disabled woman, which some people consider to be a hate crime, although no motive was ever given for the murder.


  • Robert Loren Masters Jr
  • Ricky Smyrnes
  • Melvin Knight
  • Peggy Darlene Miller
  • Amber Meidinger
  • Angela Marinucci


On 11th February 2010, The Greensburg Six abducted Daugherty and tied her up. They then forced her to consume urine, faeces and detergent, beat her with several objects, forced her to write a suicide note and stabbed her to death after 36 hours of torture.

Criminal Penalties

All of the six were convicted of Daugherty's torture and murder. On 3rd August 2011, Angela Marinucci was sentenced to life without parole, as she was too young to be eligible for the death penalty. On 12th April 2012, Melvin Knight pleaded guilty to first degree murder and kidnapping and was sentenced to death in August. On 28th February 2013, Ricky Smyrnes was sentenced to death. On 4th December, Amber Meidinger was sentenced to 40 to 80 years in prison. The final two suspects, Robert Loren Masters Jr and Peggy Darlene Miller, pleaded guilty. Masters was sentenced to 30 to 70 years in prison, whereas Miller was sentenced to 35 to 74 years.