Aliaskhab Kebekov

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Aliaskhab Kebekov
Full Name: Aliaskhab Alibulatovich Kebekov
Alias: Ali Abu Muhammad
Origin: Shamilsky District, Republic of Dagestan, Russia
Occupation: Leader of the Caucasus Emirate
Goals: Establish an Islamic emirate in the North Caucasus (failed)
Crimes: Terrorism
Type of Villain: Islamic terrorist

Aliaskhab Alibulatovich Kebekov (Russian: Алиасхаб Алибулатович Кебеков; 1 January 1972 – 19 April 2015), also known as Ali Abu Muhammad (Russian: Али Абу Мухаммад), was a Dagestani militant Islamist in Russia and the leader of the Caucasus Emirate following the death of inaugural leader Dokka Umarov. Following in the same religious tradition as Umarov, he adhered to the ideology of Salafism. The United States Department of State added Kebekov to its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists on March 25, 2015. On 19 April 2015, Kebekov was killed by Russian security forces during special operations in the settlement of Gerei-Avlak in Buynaksk. An Avar by nationality, Kebekov was the first non-Chechen to lead the North Caucasus insurgency.