Alfred Leonard Cline

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Alfred Leonard Cline
Full Name: Alfred Leonard Cline
Alias: Buttermilk Bluebeard
Origin: Kansas, USA
Occupation: Forger
Skills: Forging
Covering up his wive's murders
Goals: Get away with killing his wives (succeeded)
Stay out of prison (failed)
Crimes: Serial murder
Type of Villain: Serial wife killer

Alfred Leonard Cline (1888 – August 5, 1948), also known as "Buttermilk Bluebeard", was an alleged American serial killer responsible for murdering at least nine of his wives by poisoning them with buttermilk laced with heavy overdoses of sedatives after persuading then to sign all of their possessions over to him in their wills, sometimes forging the women's signatures when this failed. After the murders, the local doctor would misidentify the deaths as heart failure, and Cline would create the body in order to prevent the real cause of death from being discovered.

After nine murders, the police became suspicious and investigated, but were unable to prove murder because Cline had cremated all of his wives. However, Cline was convicted of forging his wive's signatures on some of their wills, and was sentenced to 126 years in prison. He died of a heart attack while serving his sentence in 1948.