Alfred Bourgeois

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Alfred Bourgeois was an American man convicted of sexually abusing and murdering his two-year-old daughter.


Bourgeois was a truck driver with a fixation on his toddler's potty training. Whenever his daughter failed to use the potty, Bourgeois flew into a violent rage. He would brutally flog her with his belt, beat her with a baseball bat, scratch and pull her ears, bite her and stub out cigarettes on her. When other family members tried to clean the sores on her feet he would jam his thumb in the wounds and force her to walk on her injured feet. There were also signs that he had sexually abused her: his semen was found in her anal cavity during the autopsy.

In July 2002, while Bourgeois was driving to the Corpus Christi air station, his daughter's potty tipped over. Bourgeois angrily snatched up her daughter and spanked her before smashing her into the dashboard multiple times. This caused his daughter to suffer a cerebral haemorrhage and die.

Bourgeois was convicted of sexually abusing and killing his daughter in 2004 and sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection on 11 December 2020 after president Donald Trump re-instated the federal death penalty.