Alejandro Biondini

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Alejandro Biondini
Full Name: Alejandro Carlos Biondini
Alias: Kalki
Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation: President of the New Triumph Party
Skills: Propaganda
Hobby: Running for elections
Goals: Being president of Argentina (failed)
Crimes: Anti-Semitism

Hate Speech


Type of Villain: Neo-Nazi politician

When you put Zionist vipers into this or any government, they finally bite you. They can't cope with their nature.
~ Alejandro Biondini

Alejandro Biondini is a far-right Argentine politician and president of the Neo-Nazi political party New Triumph Party, famous for his nationalist, fascist and anti-semitic declarations.

He was born in 1956, being a member of the Justicialist Party since 1972, and in 1981 he was secretary general of the Peronist Youths, he ended up leaving the Justicialist Party in 1990 to found his own party, the Nationalist Worker's Party, later re-baptized as the New Triumph Party, which was never legalized for its Neo-Nazi and anti-semitic positions. The party would be dissolved in 2009 after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation would not grant it recognition as a political party, but after its dissolution, successor parties would be born that would also be led by Biondini.

For much of his political career in current times, he tried to run for different positions in Argentina, losing in all of them, and in 2019, he ran as a candidate for President of Argentina, losing equally.