Albert Walker

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Albert Johnson Walker is a Canadian villain who is serving life imprisonment for embezzlement and murder. He is noted for having murdered an Englishman whose identity he had assumed and for posing with his daughter as husband and wife.

As a mortgage broker and financier who owned a small financial services company, Walker was able to steal millions from clients and squirrel them away in accounts overseas. In 1990 Walker and his daughter Sheena disappeared during a trip to Europe with a good chunk of money from his clients. Walker then helped an Englishman emigrate to Canada, but not before taking his birth certificate and driver's license.

For the next several years Walker and Sheena posed as Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Platt. Sheena had two children during this time, and while it was never proven it was suspected that Walker sired the children. During this time Canada had listed Walker as their most wanted criminal, and Interpol had them as their second most wanted criminal.

Walker's schemes began to unravel when the real Ronald Platt decided that he really didn't want to live in Canada after all and moved back to the UK. Walker decided that he had to kill the real Platt. Inviting the man out on a fishing trip, Walker killed Platt and dumped his body into the sea. The body was discovered later by a fisherman, and police were able to use the Rolex the corpse was wearing to trace the crime back to Albert Walker. Walker meanwhile had purchased a large number of gold bars and was getting set to flee when arrested by police.

During the trial, Sheena claimed that her father had hypnotized her into doing his bidding. Walker was convicted of embezzlement and murder in 1999, and given a life sentence in prison. In 2005 Walker was transferred to a Canadian prison to serve out his term. In 2007 he was convicted of fraud and violation of banking regulations.