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Full Name: Akhenaten
Alias: King Akhenaten
Origin: Ancient Egypt
Occupation: King of Egypt (formerly)
Goals: Make Egypt Monotheistic (Temporary succeeded)
Crimes: Incest
Type of Villain: Inbred Tyrant

Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He was founder of Atenism and is believed to the father of the Abrahamic religions.

While he allowed the traditional Egyptian faith for many years, something occurred, that caused Akhenaten to snap and suppress the worship of other traditional ancient Egyptian gods, except Ra, which he equated with Aten, the only deity in his own religion. An excavation site also reveals that he enslaved several of his on subject to build a pyramid.

After his death, Akhenaten was deleted from many Egyptian records, only referring to him as "The Enemy" or "The Criminal."


  • Like many royal dynasties, Akhenaten and his family were guilty of Incest.
    • The women who gave birth to King Tutankhamun was not only Akhenaten's wife but one of his sisters thus making them not only Tut's parents but his Uncle and Aunt on both sides of the family!