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The Akazu was an informal group of Hutu Power adherents who participated in and planned the Rwandan Genocide. Many of the members were friends or relatives of Juvénal Habyarimana or his wife and belonged to the ruling MRND party. They were often referred to as the Zero Network because they wanted a Rwanda with zero Tutsis.

The word akazu is Kinyarwanda for "little house".


The Akazu were relatives of Habyarimana's and others he knew from his Northern Rwanda district; they held important appointed positions of authority in the Hutu regime. The Akazu did not wish to share government with the Tutsis (particularly Paul Kagame's rebels) or moderate Hutus. They contributed to the development of Hutu Power ideology and fanned resentment against the Tutsi during the early 1990's following the outbreak of the civil war.

Some scholars believe their genocidal ideology and massacres were an effort to hold on to the political power they had gathered since Habyarimana came to power in a military coup against the elected government.