Ajaz Butt

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Ajaz Butt is a 55-year-old British-Pakistani man who was one of those convicted of sexually abusing and raping his nephew Amer Hussain.

When Amer was six, his uncle Ajaz began staying with his family in Swansea. One night, he entered Amer's room and attacked him, pulling his pyjama trousers down and anally raping him, at one point apparently spitting on his penis to lubricate it. He left the family afterwards. After years of mental problems and PTSD, not helped when he was repeatedly gang-raped in Pakistan and then raped by his mother's cousin Sajid Butt, Amer eventually admitted what happened to him after attempting suicide, and both Ajaz and Sajid were arrested and charged with indecent assault, rape and buggery. Ajaz was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison on 12 October 2018.