Ahmed Ibragimov

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Ahmed Ibragimov (1956 – October 10, 1999) was a Chechen mass murderer who killed more than 34 russians on October 8, 1999. Ibragimov's rampage started after Chechen rebels and Russian soldiers stopped fighting, and ordinary citizens(his eventual victims) began to come out from their hiding places. He would have a chat to his victims before shooting them repeatedly with an AK-47. He also came back to shoot the victims a second time, to make sure that they are all dead.

After killing the russians, he fled the area. However, 2 days later, he was captured and handcuffed to a pole, then beaten to death by 2 brothers whose parents he had killed. It is revealed that his motive for the shooting was revenge for the Chechens that the Russian's had killed.