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Adam Lanza
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Full Name: Adam Peter Lanza
Alias: Blarvink

DDR guy
Sandy Hook Shooter

Origin: Kingston, New Hampshire, United States
Occupation: Student (formerly)

School shooter and terrorist

Skills: Information Technology


Hobby: Using Technology

Playing Video Games
Playing Dance Dance Revolution

Goals: Kill everyone in Sandy Hook (partially succeeded)
Crimes: Mass Murder

Attempted murder
Destruction of evidence

Type of Villain: Mentally Ill School Shooter

I incessantly have nothing other than scorn for humanity. I have been desperate to feel anything positive for someone my entire life.
~ Excerpt from Lanza's journal.

Adam Peter Lanza (April 22, 1992 - December 14, 2012) was an American man who perpetrated the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which happened on December 14, 2012. Prior to the shooting, he killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in their home. At Sandy Hook Elementary, he killed 20 children of ages of 6-7. He shot 6 adults including the school principal, and injured at least 11 more before committing suicide.

Currently, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is the worst school shooting in modern American history to take place at an elementary school and the fourth deadliest mass shooting in U.S history overall.


Even in an age when a child’s every irregularity is attributed to a syndrome, the idea of a normal weird kid seems reasonable enough, but there were early signs that Adam had significant problems. He struggled with basic emotions and received coaching from his mother Nancy.

She became a stay-at-home mother after Adam was born. When he had to show feelings in a school play, Nancy wrote to a friend Adam has taken it very seriously, even practicing facial expressions in the mirror. According to the state attorney’s report, when Adam was in fifth grade, he said that he did not think highly of himself and believed that everyone else in the world deserved more than he did.

Image of the Big Book Book of Granny written by Adam and another boy in his class.

That year, Adam and another boy wrote a story called The Big Book of Granny in which an old woman with a gun in her cane kills wantonly. Adam tried to sell copies of the book at school, but ended up getting in trouble.

A couple of years later, according to the state’s attorney’s report, a teacher noted disturbing violence in his writing and described him as being intelligent but not normal, with antisocial issues.

Meanwhile, Peter and Nancy's marriage was starting to unravel. "I'd work ridiculous hours during the week and Nancy would take care of the kids", Peter stated. "Then, on the weekends, she'd do errands and I'd spend time with the kids."

In 2001, Peter and Nancy separated Adam was nine at the time. When a psychiatrist later asked him about it, he claimed that his parents were as irritating to each other as they were to him.

Peter moved to Stamford, nearly an hour from Newtown, but still saw the boys every weekend. When Adam entered middle school, he proudly took Peter to see it. "And talk about talkative man, that kid, you couldn't shut him up!" Peter said.

Adam became fascinated with guns and with World War II, and showed an interest in joining the military. Despite this, he never talked about mass murder, nor was he violent at school he seldom revealed his emotions albeit had a sharp sense of humor.

When Peter took him to see Bill Cosby live, Adam laughed for an hour straight. One Christmas, Adam told his parents that he wanted to use his savings to buy toys for needy children, to which Peter obliged and took him shopping. He also hated drugs and alcoholic beverages, and was a strict vegetarian as he hated animal cruelty.



Adam and his father.

Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992 of Italian descent. He didn’t speak until he was three years old, and always understood many more words than he could muster. He showed so much hypersensitivity to physical touch that tags had to be removed from his clothing.

Adam's 6th grade yearbook photo

In preschool and at Sandy Hook, where he was a student until the beginning of sixth grade, he sometimes smelled things that weren’t there and washed his hands excessively. Due to this, his doctor diagnosed him with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Adam underwent speech therapy and occupational therapy in kindergarten as well as first grade. Throughout his schooling years, Adam had an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) to accommodate his special needs. Still, photos show him looking enthusiastic and cheerful. According to Adam's father, Peter, Adam loved Sandy Hook Elementary, stating "As he was growing older, how much he had liked being a little kid.". Adam’s brother, Ryan, four years older and now a tax accountant in New York, used to joke about how close Peter and Adam were, as they’d spend hours playing with Legos in the basement and making up stories for the towns they built. Adam even created his own board games. "Always thinking differently", Peter said, "Just a normal little weird kid".

Teenage years

Adam in his teenage years.

When Adam began middle school at age 11, Peter and Nancy's worries increased. The structure of the school day changed instead of sitting in one classroom, he had to move from room to room, to which Adam found the disruption punishing.

Sensory overload affected his ability to concentrate; his mother xeroxed his textbooks in black and white because he found color graphics unbearable. He gave up playing the saxophone, stopped climbing trees, avoided eye contact, and developed a stiff, lumbering gait.

He said that he hated birthdays and holidays, something which he had previously loved; special occasions unsettled his increasingly sclerotic orderliness. He had episodes, panic attacks that necessitated his mother's coming to school. The state attorney’s report says that on such occasions, Adam was more likely to be victimized than to act in violence against another.

His anxiety increased to the extent that he didn't attend school for almost the entirety of 8th grade. He nevertheless began attending Newtown High School the next year, eager to be a 'normal' student. This required his mother to make arrangements to make it seem as though Adam was being treated as a regular student by his teachers, when in reality he still had an Individualized Education Program in place that he was unaware of. In his high school years, Adam was an active member of the Tech Club, and even threw a party for the club members at his home. The club supervisor, Richard Novia, was aware of Adam's condition, and made sure the other club members treated him well.

However, Adam began facing problems once again in high school. Soon, he stopped attending Newtown High School and instead attended Western Connecticut State University to obtain credits towards his high school diploma. This arrangement helped him complete high school a year early.

Throughout his teenage years, Adam was interested in computers. Some of his former acquaintances claimed that he could take apart and reassemble a computer. His mother even told friends that her son had managed to hack into a government website, prompting the FBI to show up at their house. Whether this actually happened, however, is questionable.

After high school, Adam was resolved to join the military. His mother, however, convinced him not to enlist, explaining that his condition made a military profession unsuitable for him. She instead wished that Adam would attend college. Around this time, Adam grew increasingly reclusive. He cut off all contact with his father, and spoke to his mother, who lived in the same house as he did, via email. He left the house only to go to the movie theater in Danbury and play Dance Dance Revolution.

Adam became very critical of society in his isolation. He expressed views to this effect online, writing on forums and in YouTube comments that he believed mental illness to be a result of society depriving humans of their natural instincts. In fact, Adam was so against modern psychiatry that he once compared therapists to rapists (pointing out that the word 'rapist' is in the word 'therapist'). Adam was against what he called the 'indoctrinating' influences of modern society and culture, and expressed strong anti-religion views in some of his YouTube comments.

On December 11, 2011, almost a year before the shooting, Adam got on the Anarchy radio, and promoted the story of Travis the chimpanzee, a pet chimpanzee who attacked a 55 year old woman named Charla Nash, who was a friend of Travis's owner.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

On December 14, 2012, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy Lanza, aged 52, at their Newtown home with a. 22-caliber Savage MK II-F bolt action rifle. Lanza then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in his mother's 2009 black Honda Civic, killing 26 people with a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle before shooting himself in the back of the head with a Glock 20SF handgun. His brother Ryan was taken into custody for questioning. A seven-foot spreadsheet was found in his home detailing virtually every single mass murder and attempted mass murder in history.

List of Victims

Family Members

  • Nancy Lanza - September 6, 1960 (52 years)


This is a list of educators who had died in the shootings. They were all females. The victims' names are followed by their date of birth, and their age at the time that they were killed.

  1. Mary Sherlach, school psychologist February 11, 1956 (56 years)
  2. Anne Marie Murphy, teacher's aide July 25, 1960 (52 years)
  3. Dawn Hochsprung, principal June 28, 1965 (47 years)
  4. Lauren Rousseau, teacher June 8, 1982 (30 years)
  5. Rachel D'Avino, teacher's aide July 17, 1983 (29 years)
  6. Victoria Soto, teacher November 4, 1985 (27 years)


This is a list of students who had died in the shootings. In total, twenty students were killed. All of them were in first grade. Four of the students killed were seven years old, and the other sixteen victims were six years old. Eight of them were male, and the other twelve victims were female.

The victims names are followed by their date of birth and their age at the time of death.

  1. Daniel Barden - September 27, 2005 (7 years)
  2. Chase Kowalski - October 31, 2005 (7 years)
  3. Grace McDonnell - November 4, 2005 (7 years)
  4. Josephine Gay - December 11, 2005 (7 years)
  5. Charlotte Bacon - February 22, 2006 (6 years)
  6. Dylan Hockley - March 8, 2006 (6 years)
  7. James Mattioli - March 22, 2006 (6 years)
  8. Ana M. Marquez-Greene - April 4, 2006 (6 years)
  9. Jack Pinto - May 6, 2006 (6 years)
  10. Jessica Rekos - May 10, 2006 (6 years)
  11. Emilie Parker - May 12, 2006 (6 years)
  12. Catherine V. Hubbard - June 8, 2006 (6 years)
  13. Jesse Lewis - June 30, 2006 (6 years)
  14. Allison N. Wyatt - July 3, 2006 (6 years)
  15. Madeline F. Hsu - July 10, 2006 (6 years)
  16. Olivia Engel - July 18, 2006 (6 years)
  17. Caroline Previdi - September 7, 2006 (6 years)
  18. Benjamin Wheeler - September 12, 2006 (6 years)
  19. Avielle Richman - October 17, 2006 (6 years)
  20. Noah Pozner - November 20, 2006 (6 years)

Conspiracy Theories

  • Not everyone believed that Adam Lanza had ever existed, as a conspiracy theorist movement called The Truthers claimed that he was an actor hired by governmental forces and that the shooting of the school never truly took place, saying that the perpetrator, the teachers, students and perpetrator's mother were crisis actors and were not killed during the tragedy.
  • Other conspiracy theories claimed that the massacre was, in fact, a government false flag operation aimed at fueling public demand for stricter gun control laws. Some conspiracy theories claim that the massacre was a government black operation aimed at population control, and others claim that Emilie Parker, one of the victims, was actually alive.
    • Right-wing radio host Alex Jones was a huge proponent of this theory. He is involved in at least 9 lawsuits involving the shooting. In 2018, a group of parents of victims of the shooting filed a lawsuit against Jones for his remarks. Leonard Pozner won a lawsuit against Jones after statements made in the doubts of the murder of his son in the shooting.
  • People also started to confirm that Adam actually committed suicide on December 13, 2012, a day before the shooting on December 14, 2012.
  • Some conspiracy theorists also said that one of the victims of Adam Lanza, Noah Pozner, was not killed in Sandy Hook, but him and his parents were killed in a middle school in Pakistan, and that they had proof because of a banner showing Noah's picture.
  • Smoloko News, an anti-semetic website known for making outlandish claims about Jews, claimed that Lanza was a sleeper agent for the Israeli Mossad, with the "proof" being his surname and his Italian ancestry, as "Lanza" is, apparently, a fairly common surname for Italian Jews.





  • Adam was 6ft tall and weighed 112 pounds.
  • Officially it's believed that Adam was an asexual, but there have been rumors that Adam was obsessed with homosexual-pedophilia. However, most suggest he was an asexual with a fetish for pedophilia. Adam also had a file of a 30 year old man, having sexual relations with a 10-year old boy.
  • Adam holds second place for killing the most people in a school behind Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. He was also reportedly obsessed with the Columbine High School massacre and reportedly drew inspiration from its perpetrators, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
  • Adam lived a vegan lifestyle and was openly against dairy products (like milk and cheese) and against meat.
  • Adam's favorite movies were Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971), Willard (1971), Crawlspace (1972), Haunts of the Very Rich (1972), Private Parts (1972), Folks at Red Wolf Inn (1972), Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972), The Baby (1973), Messiah of Evil (1973), Don't Look in the Basement (1973), The Killing Kind (1973), Bad Ronald (1974), Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1975), Driller Killer (1979), Don't Go in the House (1980), The Attic (1980), The Pit (1981), Night Warning (1983), Deadly Messages (1985), Link (1986), Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988), Bloody Wednesday (1988), Pin (1989), Beyond Dream's Door (1989), and Stalking Laura (1993).
  • During his high school years, Adam carried a briefcase instead of a backpack.
  • Adam would reportedly change his socks twenty times a day.
  • Adam played a variety of video games including World of Warcraft (which he enjoyed mostly for its atmosphere, and never managed to level any of his characters to level 60), Combat Arms, Skyrim (towards which he voiced his criticisms on the site Shocked Beyond Belief), Pokemon, Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Earthbound, Super Mario, Pikmin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Burning Sand, Cow Hunter, Phantasy Star Online, Doom, Luigi's Mansion, Team Fortress, Dynasty Warriors, Shin Megami Tensei, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Battlefield, Half Life, Metal Gear Solid, Dead Rising and, most notably, Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Two of his favorite bands were The Dickies and Flogging Molly. He was also fond of Japanese techno music and compiled a mix tape entitled 'Good Anime Mix'.
  • According to his toxicology report (released with permission from his father), Lanza had no trace of drugs or alcohol in his system during the shooting.
  • At one point, Lanza took an interest in enlisting in the military when he turned eighteen. His mother, however, talked him out of doing so, explaining that his aversion to being touched would be an issue had Lanza been injured.
  • Adam Lanza was intrigued by mass murderers and created a 7 foot spreadsheet that featured over 400 killers. The spreadsheet was comprised of seventeen categories, the murders dating back to 1786 and continuing onward to 2010. Lanza's last update to the spreadsheet included information about English killer Derrick Bird.
  • One of Adam Lanza's ex-classmates revealed that Adam ran an online Devil worshiping page. He would also comment on how Lanza would at times just stare at the floor and not speak for hours.
  • Adam Lanza went by the names Blarvink, Kyanbred, Kyan-tdlr, fuckcomments, and Smiggles online. Adam also used the names "gayfortimk" (a reference to mass murderer Tim Kretschmer) and "queerforkimveer" (a reference to college shooter Kimveer Gill) on Tumblr.
  • Adam Lanza would play Dance Dance Revolution excessively at his house and at the Danbury movie theater that he would frequent. He would do this for exercise. He reportedly even played for more than 10 hours on some days. Him playing DDR in Danbury earned him the nickname of the "DDR guy". 
  • According to cryinghampster, a prominent researcher of Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza experienced decreased fetal movement and other pregnancy-related aliments while she was pregnant with Adam. 
  • Adam Lanza couldn't say his name when he was five. 
  • Despite spending about 8 weeks in a small, private catholic school, Adam Lanza disprove of religion, saying that it was "illogical". 
  • During a couple of months in 2012, Adam Lanza stopped human contact altogether, only communicating with his mother via email. 
  • At 8 days old, Adam Lanza had an episode of apnea and stopped breathing. He had to be taken to the hospital.
  • Adam Lanza was particularly fond of the economic theory that was pushed by famous libertarian politician Ron Paul, even being in possession of a book authored by the renowned politician.
  • Adam divulged information regarding the fact that he ate plain salt and drank salt water to a friend online.
  • During an interrogation by a psychologist, Adam Lanza asked questions regarding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia. When he was asked by said psychologist is he was experiencing any symptoms of these aforementioned aliments, he declined to respond to the question.
  • It is alleged by various mass murder enthusiasts online that Adam Lanza intended to start his rampage on the same day that he took the picture with a firearm whilst wearing a green military outfit. This plan was foiled when he was unable to open his mother's door in order to retrieve her firearms.
  • He had a YouTube channel called Cultural Philistine, which was taken down, but somebody reuploaded all of his videos in October 2021.
  • He inspired Trystan Andrew Terrell to perpetrate the UNC Charlotte shooting in 2019.