Adam Dzaziri

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Adam Dzaziri was a French terrorist who died in a June 2017 suicide attack at the world-famous Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Nobody else was injured in the attack which saw him ram police with an explosives-laden car, which then caught fire.[1] The police van he hit was packed with cops,[2] who tried to save their would-be killer by smashing the car's windows and dragging Dzairi out.[1] He had guns and a gas bottle inside his white Renault Megane when he targetted the lead van in a police convoy.[3]

Dzaziri owned a total of nine weapons and had a valid gun permit despite being on a counterterror watchlist.[1] The 31-year-old had a hardline Salafi Islamic ideology and was added to the list in 2015 due to ties to radicalism.[3] French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe noted that removing his gun permit could have jeapordised investigations since a terrorist would immediately know why the permit was revoked, but nonetheless expressed concerns this dangerous man held weapons lawfully.[2] He came from Parisian suburb Argenteuil,[1] and had no criminal record.[3]

The attack came just months after Karim Cheurfi attacked police on the Champs-Elysées and was shot dead.