Academy Maniacs

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Academy Maniacs
Fullname: Artem Alexandrovich Anoufriev

Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin

Alias: The Academy Maniacs

The Akademgorodok Maniacs

Origin: Irkutsk, Russia
Occupation: Murderers
Hobby: Killing people
Goals: Never be Caught (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villains: Young Modern Thrill Killers
Copycat killers

A hobo! Haha
No one there?
Fuck them
[Stabs in the head]
Fuck, I can’t fucking touch it
Don’t touch anything!
[Ear cutting]
Faster, there’s nothing interesting
But that’s scary, uh bitch! (They are afraid someone will see them)
[Stops cutting, sticks a knife in the eye]
Uh, that’s disgusting! What to do?
Cut off her hand
Fuck it! An ear is fine too
Okay, let’s go

Artyem Alexandrovich Anoufriev ( October 4, 1992) and Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin (March 24, 1993) were two spree serial killers, who, on December 1, 2010 - April 3, 2011, killed 6 people in Akademgorodok, Russia.

They were inspired by the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, (Who killed 21 people in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine from June 2007 - July 2007) and Alexander Pichushkin.

The Video:

The second, shows a black haired man (Most likely Anoufriev) stabbing an already, dead body (even cutting of part of the body's ear).

They were arrested on April 5th, 2011 after, Lytkin's uncle found a video (The one with the mutilation to a dead body) on his camera.

Anoufriev was sentenced to life without parole.

Lytkin was sentenced to 24 years. He will be eligible for parole possibly in 2030.