Abby Michaels

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Abby Michaels is the villainous perpetrator behind the St. Patrick's Day vehicular homicide of a family of three in Ohio.

Abby was married to Kyle Pastorelle and had been since June 2018, but on March 15, 2019, Kyle informed Abby that he would file for divorce after just under a year of marriage. Abby's attempt to get back with Kyle a day later via a phone conversation ended with the intoxicated Abby declaring that she would commit suicide. She revealed that she would drive backwards on a state freeway, and she did just that on March 17, intentionally speeding up towards a car and crashing into it. The deranged Abby survived, but the people inside--husband and wife Timmy and Karen Thompson and their 10-year-old daughter, Tessa Thompson, were all killed.

Abby was charged with murder in the deaths of the Thompson family, with police stating that alcohol was not a factor and that she deliberately planned to drive the wrong way on the freeway. She was arraigned on July 23, with her bond set at $3 million.