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A. Wyatt Mann ( "A White Man," real name Nick Bougas) is a white supremacist cartoonist. His propaganda is usually targeted against Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, and the LGBT community, and occasionally Native Americans, gypsies, Eastern Europeans, communists, socialists, capitalists, Catholics, Arabs, left-leaning people, big business, and sometimes even the French, Italians, Greeks, and Irish. Most of his comics were illustrated in the 1980s and into the '90s and were published in WAR (also known as The Insurgent), a newspaper popular with White Power Skinheads. He is opposed to racial mixing as he believes that non-Whites are sub-human and vehemently denies the Holocaust. Though, in some cartoons, he presents a positive opinion on Arabs, at least compared to Jews.

He's most famous for creating an anti-Semitic caricature known variously as “Happy Merchant,” “Shlomo Shekelstein,” or “Jew bwa-ha-ha” that has become popular for Internet memes made by white supremacists. It appeared in one of his cartoons, where he promotes a world without Jews and blacks and has subsequently been frequently edited for meme use. The character also appeared on a poster in Resistance Records' video game Ethnic Cleansing under the name “Shecky Rubenstein.”

Some of his other cartoons have also inspired parody edits, which often have meanings distinct, or even directly opposite, from the original intent. Most infamously, illustrations by popular conservative political cartoonist Ben Garrison have been edited to include Mann's characters, leading some to believe that Garrison was a neo-Nazi (despite not supporting it at the time, he would later embrace such edits in future strips).

A Wyatt Mann
Full Name: Nick Bougas
Alias: A. Wyatt Mann
Origin: USA
Crimes: Homophobia
Anti-Native American Sentiment
Hate speech
Hate crimes
Type of Villain: White Supremacist


  • Some of his other comics have gained internet notoriety, and like the Happy Merchant have been edited.
  • "Around blacks, never relax"- Often parodied with other ethnic groups, and even fictional races and species.
  • “Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?”-References anti-Semitic hate crime hoaxes and is used for different ethnic groups.
  • "Bix Nood" - Comes from a cartoon depicting a black person speaking in gibberish.


The original cartoon where the Happy Merchant came from.
"Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?"
"Around blacks, never relax"
A cartoon praising Islamic terrorists who kill Jews.
A cartoon claiming that Jews control the courts
"Bix Nood"