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Man Haron Monis (May 19th, 1964 – December 16th, 2014) was a self-styled Iranian-Australian sheikh and domestic terrorist. Despite supporting the acts of Muslim extremists while condemning Western civilization, he had no qualms living and thriving in Australia. Any time he had been caught, Monis tried to blame the Australian Security Intelligence Organization for scapegoating him and clams that he is a political victim.


Monis was born in Borujerd, Iran. His family was held in detention by the Iranian authorities, yet Monis was able to seek asylum in Australia in 1996. Whether or not he'd sold them out for his own safety is debatable.

Monis first gained infamy through a hate-mail campaign against Australian troops for their part in the Afghanistan conflict. He was brought to court for his uncomplimentary and insensitive remarks (such as comparing dead soldiers to pigs or even Hitler), but could not be charged on the grounds of free speech. However, he was banned from using the Australian Postal Service.

In November 2013, Monis was found guilty for the murder of his ex-wife Noleen Hayson Pal. She was stabbed and set on fire. He was arrested but released on bail, due to lack of evidence, as well as claims of conspiracy.

In March 2014, Monis lured a woman into his home by pretending to be a spiritual healer. He then proceeded to sexually abuse her. It's assumed he had been sexually assaulting women for years before this incident.

2014 Sydney hostage crisis

On December 16th, 2014, Monis launched a terrorist attack on a cafe in Martin Place, Sydney. He forced several hostages to hold a black jihadist flag (confirmed to not be the same as the ones used by the Islamic State) up to a nearby window. Monis has two of his hostages issue demands that the Prime Minister personally speak with him. The situation lasted 16 hours. After raiding the cafe, it was confirmed by police that Monis had died, along with two of his hostages; lawyer and mother of three Katrina Dawson who died of a heart attack after being rescued, along with the cafe manager Tori Johnson who was shot trying to fight Monis.