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A Villain is a person who has committed a crime meeting the Specifications for Warranting a Page. They are people or groups who committed serious crimes like rape, murder, war crimes, domestic or child abuse, genocide, major league drugs or weapons trafficking or torture. They are NOT people who hold controversial opinions, no matter how reprehensible. They are also not people who are not proven guilty (see the standard of proof for more information).


  • They must be provably guilty. They cannot have an article if they are alleged to commit a crime.
  • They must have committed a serious crime, and not just be disliked or hold controversial opinions.
  • They cannot be an Internet user who has never been mentioned on any media outlets.
  • Rational people cannot be able to dispute whether or not they are a villain (except in some grey zone cases such as Imre Nagy where the villain is seen as a hero by some, but facts show otherwise).
  • All facts must be verifiable and come from reliable sources (this includes news, books, historical accounts, etc.).
    • Similarly, they must have been mentioned in the media, the one exception being ancient villains who lived before the media, in which case credible historical accounts will suffice. This rule was made per Tim's Message.
  • Political ideology cannot be a factor in deciding that they are a villain (except in extreme cases where the page deals with a dictator).

Types of people who cannot have pages

NOTE: Any politicians, judges or lawyers who have committed non-controversial crimes such as rape or murder are exempt from these rules as long as they are provably guilty.

  • Politicians (except dictators).
  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Corporations
  • Anyone from mythology
  • Anyone from theology
  • Random Internet users.
  • People who fail to meet the specifications for warranting a page or standard of proof.