User blog:General MGD 109/Minimum Requirement Part 2

Okay here is the present list of crimes that warrant a page on this site:

1. Murder

2. Any form of Sexual Abuse

3. Domestic Abuse

4. Child Abuse

5. Kidnapping

6. Extortion

7. War Crimes

8. Severe Bullying

9. Severe Hatemongering and extensive open Prejudice

10. WarMongering

11. Severe abuse of power

12. Animal Abuse

13. Severe, extreme or repetitive assault and Battery

14. Grand  theft

15. Respective Manslaughter

16. Severe corruption

17. Severe vandalism, particularly in case of objects of historical/national/religious/cultural significance.

18. Torture

19. Terrorism

20. Arson

21. Cannibalism

22. Drug Trafficking

23. Slavery

24. Extensive Con Artists

25. Treason (except in a justifiable case)

26. Grave Robbing

27. Ill lawful weapons dealing

28. Mutilation

29. Extreme Vigilantism

30. Severe Slander/deceit/perjury

31. Disabled Abuse

32. Elder Abuse

So what do you think? Did I miss anything, is there anything you think shouldn't be on this list or anything that isn't clear. (Note for the ones that list severity, you would have to run it by an admin first to check if it was severe enough to warrant a place).

Please give me some feed back. Soon I'll make this part of the actual rules and I want to make certain everything is correct before I do.