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Can Amber Heard and Chris Savino have pages on this wiki?

I think that they deserve a page because:

Amber heard was arrested of abusing someone in 2009 but she went free, abused Johnny Depp to the point of heavily ruining his life and falsely accused Johnny Depp of rape, Amber also stole money from charity, which is a serious felony, she also abused of her sister. Chris Savino sexually abused 12 female workers, but he regrets his wrongdoings.

I want to know if they can have a page here.

Why does João Bernardo Vieira's page redirect to Ahmed Abdallah?

For some reason João Bernardo Vieira, a former dictator of Guinea-Bissau's page, seems to redirect to Ahmed Abdallah, another dictator, but of Comoros, somebody should look into this.

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