Robert Hichens

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Photo of Robert Hichens

Robert Hichens (September 16th, 1882 – September 23rd, 1940) was a British sailor who was part of the deck crew on board the RMS Titanic when she sank on her maiden voyage on April 15th, 1912. He was one of six quartermasters on board the vessel and was at the ship's wheel when the Titanic struck the iceberg. He is infamous for his behavior in Lifeboat 6, right after the sinking, for refusing to go back and rescue the people in the water. Some survivors who were with them recalled him calling the people dying in the water, "stiffs." Hichens later denied of the event ever occurring.

Other accounts tell of Hichens pushing his way through women and children on the sinking boat to get on a lifeboat before he could drown.

After the Titanic sank, he was labeled as a coward. He was divorced soon after, and he tried to commit suicide, twice. He later attempted to kill a man named Harry Henley and was jailed for five years. He died of heart failure at an age of 59.