Richard Bain

Richard Bain is a Canadian nightclub shooter.

Richard Bain.jpeg


Bain was facing personal difficulties and was enraged at a recent local election result. On September 4, 2012, he targeted the Metropolis nightclub, where premier-elect Pauline Marois was scheduled to give a speech on her victory.

Bain headed to the rear of the club, opening fire with his rifle. The shot killed Denis Blanchette and wounded David Courage. His weapon then jammed. Bain switched to arson, but the fire was quickly controlled. Police arrested Bain that day.

Legal process

Bain was charged with murdering Blanchette and the attempted murder of Courage. He faced two more attempted murder charges: One for attempting to fire his jammed weapon and one for the fire.

He was remanded in custody, and in August 2016 found guilty of second-degree murder and the three attempted murders. He faced an automatic life sentence with a 25-year minimum but as he was convicted of second- rather than first-degree murder parole eligibility could be set by the judge as low as ten years.

The prosecution sought a full 25-year minimum term, which they said was justified due to the seriousness of the attack. Defense lawyers asked for ten years, based on Bain's age and mental health problems.

The judge ruled "both sides are wrong" but noted the case was very close to being first-degree murder. Bain's minimum term is set at 20 years in prison.