Julio César Godoy Toscano

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Julio César Godoy Toscano (1965 - ) is a Mexican businessman, politician and a former member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). He is half-brother of Leonel Godoy Rangel, former governor of the state of Michoacán. Godoy has served as Mayor of the Lázaro Cárdenas municipality and was elected in 2009 to the Chamber of Deputies, the Mexican lower house of parliament, however, before being sworn in he was accused with ties with organized crime and money laundering. He evaded a 2009 arrest warrant by sneaking into his own swearing-in ceremony in order to obtain parliamentary immunity. Godoy was later disavowed by the party and stripped of his office when an audio recording was released of him apparently speaking with La Familia drug cartel leader. He remains a fugitive.

Julio César Godoy Toscano
Full Name: Julio César Godoy Toscano
Origin: Mexico
Crimes: Corruption
Evade Justice
Type of Villain: Corrupted Official