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It has come to my attention that user Bearflagrevolt ( created a page accusing Cloppy of being an art thief, as well as several other serious accusations, but these are all fake.

This incident started back in 2018, in a site called where an anonymous user made the claims that Cloppy was stealing videos from a compilation account called "JB-Pony" (Pornhub links are disallowed in Fandom, but a quick search should lead you to his/her channel), even though the videos were posted well after their original upload dates in Paheal ( and JB-Pony credited Cloppy for the creation of the artwork.

Cloppy even went as far as posting a video of himself editing the vector graphics he used for the video (Which is, sadly, unavailable at the moment, as most of Cloppy's artwork has been removed from Derpibooru following a disagreement with the moderation team), but this was dismissed as fake, and the continued insistence forced the moderation team to step in, presumably IP banning the anonymous user.

Regarding the other claims, all I can offer is anecdotal evidence and guesses as to where they're coming from, but he has made a point of trying to avoid minors getting into the servers, and politics have never come up in our conversations, so I doubt they're true. My guess is that they're fabrications in order to smear his name.

If I were to guess, I'd say that Bearflagrevolt is the same anonymous user from a year ago, trying to convince people to his side, but I have no way to back up these claims. I also believe that the other page he's created ( is also a smearing tactic, as there is no records of a "Mel Virgo" in Equestria Amino (, but I have no contact not experience with said artist so it's just speculative on my part.

I hope this issue can be quickly resolved, and I thank you for your time. --Yocapo32 (talk) 03:33, September 9, 2019 (UTC)