Donald Leroy Evans

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   <default>Donald Leroy Evans</default>
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</image> <label>Real Name</label> <label>Other Names</label> <label>Car used</label> <label>Weapon used</label> <label>Born</label> <label>Born of Place</label> <label>Death</label> <label>Death of Place</label> <label>Cause of Death</label> <label>Fate</label> <label>Allies</label> <label>Enemies</label> <label>First Quotes</label> <label>Last Quotes</label> </infobox> Donald Leroy Evans (July 5, 1957  – January 5, 1999) was an American serial killer who murdered at least three people from 1985 to 1991. He was known for confessing to killing victims at parks and rest areas across more than twenty U.S. states.