Carl Robert Brown

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Carl Robert Brown
Full Name: Carl Robert Brown
Alias: N/A
Origin: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation: Teacher (formerly)
Skills: N/A
Hobby: N.A
Goals: N/A
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Mass murderer

Carl Robert Brown (November 26th, 1930 - August 20th, 1982) was an American mass murderer who killed eight people and injured three others on August 20th, 1982 in a welding shop located in Miami, Florida. Brown was later shot and killed by police officers while attempting to flee the scene of the attack.

The Shooting

On the morning of August 20th, 1982, Carl Brown purchased a semi-automatic rifle, two shotguns, and some ammunition at a gun shop near his home in Hialeah, Florida. Approximately one hour before beginning his rampage, Brown urged his 10-year-old son to join him in the massacre, saying that he would be "killing a lot of people" and disclosing his final intended destination, Hialeah High School.

Soon after, Brown rode his bicycle to Bob Moore's Welding & Machine Service Inc. in Miami, Florida, armed with one of the shotguns he had purchased earlier. Brown then entered the building through a side door and began his rampage, all-the-while shouting that he would send everyone to Germany. Brown shot the majority of his victims at close-range, as he methodically murdered employees. After killing eight people and injuring three more, Brown exited the shop nonchalantly and passively fled the scene on his bicycle.

Brown did not get very far, as he was quickly pursued by Mark Kram, an employee at a nearby metal shop. Kram, immediately after being informed about the shooting, armed himself with a .38 revolver and, alongside pedestrian Ernest Hammett sought out Brown. After a brief chase, the two caught up with Brown six blocks away from the scene of the attacks near Miami International Airport. Upon spotting Brown, Kram fired what he described as a "warning shot" into Brown's back. Brown, becoming aware of his disposition, pulled out shotgun to attack Kram and Hammett before being ran over with the car that Kram had been driving. The force of the car caused Brown to crash into a concrete light pole. However, the determined cause of Brown's death was the bullet that had been mistakenly fired into his back, rather than over his head.


  • Nelson Barrios, 46
  • Lonie Jeffries, 53
  • Carl Lee, 47
  • Ernestine Moore, 67
  • Mangum Moore, 78
  • Martha Steelman, 29
  • Juan Ramon Trespalacios, 38
  • Pedro Vasques, 44