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Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard was a famous pirate who was so named because of his thick black beard which he usually used to light with fuses so he would appear more monsterous to those he faced and make him more feared. He was also known to shoot his crew on occasion and this eventually helped lead to his downfall. Blackbeard was notoritous for kidnapping people, he was ruthless and Greedy, to the point where towards the end he started to get rid of his crew to increase his share of the plunder. During his life Blackbeard had arround fourteen different wives.

Blackbeard was also a big man, and was said to be strong, it was claimed he was strong enough to chop straight through a man with one swipe of his sword. He also carried multiple pistols at once, mostly down to the unreliability of guns of the day.

Blackbeard also spent a lot of his reign spreading stories of his own cruelty arround to make it easier for him to defeat others. Exactly how true these stories are is unknown, as the majority of what he told was said for the purpose of scaring others so they would surrender rather than face his wrath. Likewise he never killed a single person he kidnapped, although on one occasion he cut a man's arm when he reused to give him a ring he was wearing.

After the navy stormed his ship the Queen Annes Revenge, Blackbeards crew was already depleated and many of them were drunk, never the less a battle raged. Blackbeard was shot and stabbed multiple times before he eventually died, the Navy decapitated his dead body, hung his head on the bowsprit of the boat and tossed the body into the sea.

Portrayal in Media

Blackbeard appears as a sketch character in the TV series Horrible Histories. In the song "Black beard" he is played by Jim Howick.

Blackbeard serves as the main antagonist in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides" replacing Cutler Beckett. This version dies in a different style as he does not get decapitated. Instead, he turns into a skeleton and fades out of existence.

Blackbeard serves as one of the main protagonists in the film "Blackbeard's Ghost" before being replaced by Jack Sparrow. This version is already dead in a same style. after he returns as a ghost, he did his good deeds to break the curse before he can finally rest in peace.

He is mentioned in the kids movie "The pirates who don't do anything" when one of the characters says "He knows more about pirates than blackbeard himself."