Asa Coon

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Asa Coon

Asa H. Coon (September 22, 1993 - October 10, 2007) {aged 14} was an American attempted mass murderer who perpetrated the SuccessTech Academy Shooting on October 10th, 2007. Armed with 2 revolvers and folding knives, Asa injured 2 teachers and 2 students before ultimately commiting suicide.

Asa Coon
Full Name: Asa H. Coon
Alias: Jack Black
Origin: New York, USA
Occupation: Freshman at SuccessTech Academy
Skills: Building


Hobby: Dark Metal Music

Marilyn Manson Fixing/Building

Goals: Kill students at SuccessTech Academy (Failed)
Crimes: Attempted Murder
Type of Villain: Tragic Villain