Amanda Ramirez

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Watch what I am going to do.
~ Amanda Ramirez's words to her twin sister, Anna, before killing her

Amanda Ramirez (January 8th, 1992 - ) is the evil twin sister of Anna Ramirez; having murdered Anna in June 2019.

On the evening of June 22th, 2019, Amanda and Anna Ramirez engaged in a drunken argument after returning home from a party; a fight that was heard by a third party from outside. Amanda turned heel during the confrontation when she took out a knife and stabbed her sister, with Anna being heard screaming at Amanda for stabbing her before succumbing to her injuries. The aforementioned witness heard Anna's screams to her sister, and it led to Amanda's arrest.

Amanda gave different stories following her arrest; first claiming that someone else killed Anna, and then saying that she killed Anna in self-defense. Though it was speculated that the sisters were fighting over a man, no true motive was revealed for Amanda's actions, with the villainess originally facing charges of manslaughter. On September 5th, 2019, Amanda pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter and admitted killing her sister, leaving her facing up to 10 years in prison. On November 21, 2019, Amanda was sentenced to serve six years in prison.