Ahmad Khan Rahimi

Ahmad Khan Rahimi (born January 23, 1988), an Afghan American whose surname was initially reported as Rahami, came to the United States from Afghanistan in 2000, and was naturalized in 2011. He is a native Pashto speaker.

His father, Mohammad Rahimi, came to the U.S. several years earlier seeking asylum. According to a neighbor, Rahimi's father, a Pashtun, had been part of the anti-Soviet mujahideen movement in Afghanistan, and was critical of the Taliban. The younger Rahimi may have as many as seven siblings. Before settling into the U.S., the Rahimi family fled from the then war-torn Afghanistan to Pakistan. In the U.S., they lived in a number of New Jersey towns before settling in Elizabeth.

Rahimi graduated from Edison High School in 2008. From 2010 to 2012, he attended Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey, majoring in criminal justice with alleged aspirations of a future in law enforcement. He dropped out.

He is a perpetrator of the 2016 New York and New Jersey bombings.