Abdullah Shah

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Abdullah Shah
Full Name: Abdullah Shah
Alias: Zardad 's dog
Origin: Afghanistan
Occupation: Jailer for the Mujahedeen
Skills: Torture skills
Hobby: Torturing prisoners
Goals: Get away with his crimes (failed)
Crimes: Serial murder




Attempted murder

War crimes

Type of Villain: Psychotic war criminal

Abdullah Shah (1965-2004) was an Afghan serial killer, war criminal, robber, and jailer. He and Zardad Khan fought for a faction of the Mujahedeen in the Afghan civil war.

Life And Role In The Mujahedeen

Zardad was Abdullah' s immediate superior in the Mujahedeen, and operated a fake checkpoint which Zardad and Abdullah used to ambush people who they would then rob and kill. Abdullah murdered about 20 this way, dumping their bodies in a well. He also killed his wife and attempted to set his second wife on fire.

Abdullah was also a jailer in a Mujahedeen jail controlled by Zardad, where he enjoyed committing horrendous acts against prisoners of war such as biting them and once even eating a man' s genitals, earning him the nickname "Zardad' s dog".

After the war, Abdullah was tracked down by the Afghan government, arrested and charged with war crimes and murder in 2002. 20 people testified against him, including the wife he tried to set on fire. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. Abdullah Shah was executed with a single shot to the back of the head in 2004, with the news being made public a week later.